Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday Night Throwbacks: Triple H Joins The Corporation

Having mentioned the newest incarnation of "The Corporation," let's head back in time when we last saw some of the best from The Corporation at WrestleMania XV.

In what turned out to be a tipping point, Triple H and Chyna turned on their D-Generation X comrades and joined the heel faction after helping Shane McMahon retain the European Championship during a match with X-Pac.


Corporate Evolution

Credit: Snerkie/Flickr.
It seems only yesterday that the WWE was a place seemingly without a vision.

"Super" John Cena ran rampant on WWE's shows, Monday Night Raw commonly had some celebrity guest hosting and, in many cases, botching the names of wrestlers and pay-per-views alike – need I remind anyone of "Summerfest"?

It was a product just moving along with little excitement along the way.

Surely in the recent years, we had the Nexus "invasion" and other factions along the way, but things have not been so "Attitude Era"-like in quite sometime.